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Set out upon an adventure that began in June 1779

Bite into one of our chocolate pastilles and you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with Marie-Antoinette in 1779. The Queen, stricken by painful headaches, was reluctant to take her medicines, owing to their repulsive taste. Sulpice Debauve therefore decided to innovate: he blended the remedy with cocoa butter. This delicious invention delighted Marie-Antoinette, who dubbed these chocolate medallions “Pistoles – the Queen’s Coins.” The first individual chocolate was born !

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Discover in this section all the history of the brand Debauve and Gallais, its latest news, its partnerships and its novelties.

Debauve & Gallais celebrates Easter

For the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds, DEBAUVE & GALLAIS re-publishes for the Easter celebrations the eggs “Fabergé”, inspired by the creations of the famous Joaillier Pierre-Karl Fabergé, whose first eggs were created for the king Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia .

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  • Marcel Proust

    « My Dear Friend, let me recommend to you, as a means of never losing sight of the real meaning of life,regular samplings of the simply exceptional chocolates made by Debauve et Gallais – this is one of my own favourite approaches ! »

    Anatole France

  • Anatole France

    « Do I need to say that, when aged 3 or 4, I was not particularly interested in interior décor? But, when stepping into the Debauve et Gallais boutique, I thought I was entering a fairy palace. »

    Marcel Proust

    Louis XVIII

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  • Louis XVIII

    Louis XVIII

    Anatole France

  • Our story

    More than 210 years of innovation and tradition.

    Ganache-filled pastilles, Truffles, Almond crunches, the Queen’s Coins, Frivolities, Unbelievables… Prior to delighting your tastebuds, our artisan chocolatiers’ creations have been the choice of the queens and kings of France, great writers and celebrated gourmets such as Brillat-Savarin, Simone de Beauvoir or, more recently, Sonia Rykiel. For more than 210 years, Debauve et Gallais has been expressing its passion for chocolate through its unique creations whose subtle flavours are constantly praised.

    Our story

  • Our savoir faire

    Unique chocolate-making savoir-faire for a unique taste

    Have you noticed that the Debauve et Gallais pastille to which you treated yourself a month ago had the same exquisite flavours as the one you enjoyed yesterday?In fact, as well as being exceptionally delicious, the taste of Debauve et Gallais remains the same over time.

    Our savoir faire

  • Chocolaterie parisienne chocolat à paris

    Our ingredients

    Finest ingredients for exquisite chocolates, made by artisan chocolate-makers

    At Debauve et Gallais, the quest for exquisite flavours is not limited to selecting the finest cocoa beans. Throughout the year, the “mouths”of our Firm seek out ingredients that taste exceptional in order to magnify the taste of the chocolate and create simply sensational sweetmeats.

    Our ingredients

  • The benefits of chocolate

    The intuition of Sulpice

    Sulpice Debauve understood, way back in the 18th century, that chocolate can do us good. He made use of his expertise as a pharmacist to create “Healthy chocolates”, with a high cocoa content, such as the Queen’s Coins, so dear to Marie-Antoinette. The intuition of the founder of Debauve et Gallais is now scientifically confirmed: the benefits of chocolate are many and varied !

    The benefits of chocolate