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    Pistoles of Marie-Antoinette

    A mini-selection of 12 Pistoles de Marie-Antoinette black and milk. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    Tasting Box

    This chocolate tasting box includes 12 iconic chocolates, including Debauve et Gallais ganache (70% cocoa solids), 99% pastille, 85% pastille, gilded pastille, dark chocolate wafer praline, prestige (almond praline), earl grey tea pastille, honey pastille, raspberry pastille, waffle praline, rocher, fleur de lys (caramel ganache), old-fashioned praline, crème brulee ganache and Caracas pastille. Named“Chromos”, a reference to the lithographs of Debauve et Gallais, this luxury chocolate tasting assortment is the perfect dark chocolate gift. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    The Pistoles of Marie-Antoinette

    Assortment of 36 Pistoles by Marie-Antoinette: black vanilla, black coffee, almond milk, ginger, Earl-Gray tea, cinnamon, orange blossom The story: the first crunchy chocolate in history created by Sulpice DEBAUVE for Queen Marie-Antoinette! It is said that it was the queen herself who found her name when she saw their resemblance to the golden shield of the Pyrenees, the pistole. Chocolate iconic connoisseurs, the Pistole of Marie-Antoinette is a concentrate of flavors and benefits that are declined with almond milk (softening and calming), vanilla (digestive and stimulating), cinnamon (curative and aphrodisiac) (antispasmodic), Earl Gray tea (stimulating and refreshing), sugar-free (for diabetics), cream of orgeat (roorative), coffee (stimulant). Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    1800 Paris

    Here is the 1800 Paris box made up of an assortment of dark chocolates. This box is 500 grams. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    The Cats Box

    Assortment of 4 sweets: Palettes in Name: 45% milk, 72% black and 85% cocao - Fleur de Lys fragrant 72% caramel Nougatine coated with 72% dark chocolate. The story: this box, made up of emblematic sweets is one of the first launched by Debauve & Gallais in 1923. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    The Madeleines

    The little story: this box was created in 1922 as a tribute to Marcel Proust, one of DEBAUVE & GALLAIS 'most loyal customers. In "Le Side de chez Swann", the famous writer studies what you feel when you taste a real delicacy. This dish was not a chocolate, as everyone knows, but a madeleine, a kind of sweet cake that perfectly accompanies black tea. This gives the idea to DEBAUVE & GALLAIS to make a "Madeleine" chocolate composed of two shells molded above and then filled with praline and pasted on top of one another. These chocolates being smaller than madeleines, they were naturally called Les Petites Madeleines. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    Farfadet Box

    A selection of 12 pucks: ganaches, golden puck, 99% silver puck and 85% selected cocoa (Caracas, Madagascar, Papua). The little story: "Anyway, excellent chocolate is the only one that can maintain or restore health, and to achieve this goal, and to satisfy all tastes, I think we can not better Mr. DEBAUVE and Mr. GALLAIS. It is certain that with the chocolate of this factory, women, the convalescents can lunch in a very pleasant, very salutary way ..." Testimony of a subscriber in the daily "Le Temps" 1829. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    The Painter Box Chocolate Selection

    The “Painter Box” luxury chocolate selection is an invitation to take a trip through time and cross the continents.In its box, based on a 1870 design entitled “Painter”, you will find three varieties of the chocolate pastilles that were so beloved by Marie-Antoinette, a selection of old-fashioned pralines prepared in 1800 style, our Firm’sown Grand Cru Debauve et Gallais pastille, Napoleon’s almond crunches (dried, caramelised almonds coated in finest dark chocolate) and two pieces of chocolate-coated candied ginger with Cantonese pepper. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    Assortment box heart

    If words are not enough, chocolate is a good alternative! In this box entitled "the sweetness of the heart", find a delicious mixture of sweet flavors. We have selected for you an assortment of delicious ganaches and pralines hazelnut almonds. A heart of a black and intense ganache is located in the heart of the box. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    Lady Box

    A selection of 12 emblematic praline / black chocolates. Palettes and flowers of Lys. The history of the creation dates back to the coronation of Charles X in Reims in 1825 on special order of the House of the King! This ganache, crème brûlée coated in dark chocolate, in the shape of fleur de lys, was created for the festivities of the official coronation of King Charles X at the cathedral of Reims in 1825. It was covered with gold leaf, as are still the Palets d'Or. Charles X was strongly in favor of restoring all the traditional values of the monarchy and unlike his brother Louis XVIII, he decided to be crowned like the ancient kings of France. He ordered chocolates for the occasion... Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.

    Orient Express

    The“Orient Express” tea selection is a tea gift box containing three varieties of tea of your choice. Since 1999, our Master of Tea (Rami Sambath) has been carefully selecting the finest flavours and blends to ensure harmony between our chocolates and our teas. Our archives tells us that the first d'selection of teaswas delivered in 1800. The order was placed with American tea wholesalers Strobel and Martini, based in Bordeaux and a specialist in rare teas: the tea was a“Sou-Chong” which had been purchased in Canton, the centre of Asia’s tea trade. After the Blocus (1803 - 1814), when Sulpice Debauve was having his new boutique built at 30, Rue des Saints-Pères, our firm immediately stocked rare selections of teas. Indeed, our exceptional loose-leaf tea gift boxes, are classified in the supplementary Register of Historic Monuments. Allergens None.

    The big book

    Assortment of ganaches and pralines in a handmade leather box embossed with gold leaf - Royal blue or red. The story: on the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the "Old Lady" of the Rue des Saints-Pères had a commemorative box made of leather embossed with gold leaf, which, in addition to a selection of chocolate sweets including an assortment of creamy ganaches and carefully ground pralines, contains a book on the history of the House of DEBAUVE et GALLAIS from its origins to the present day. A bag bearing the coat of arms and a fine gold embossed business card are included with each commemorative book. Allergens Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soya.