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Pistols of Marie-Antoinette


Case with an assortment of pistoles’ Marie-Antoinette.

La Pistole by Marie Antoinette, the chocolate created by Sulpice Debauve for Queen Marie Antoinette. The story is that Marie-Antoinette was a great chocolate lover! For her, the former pharmacist Sulpice Debauve created the first crunchy chocolate in history by separating the butter from the cocoa mass: the pistole was born! These pieces of dark chocolate up to 99% cocoa, or flavored with different flavors (almond milk, black vanilla, black coffee, black ginger, earl gray black, black cinnamon) were the happiness of the wife of King Louis XVI. More than 200 years later, the Pistoles de Chocolat by Marie Antoinette remain a great classic of the chocolate factory Debauve & Gallais, and chocolate connoisseurs!

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