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The Pistoles of Marie-Antoinette


Assortment of 36 Pistoles by Marie-Antoinette: black vanilla, black coffee, almond milk, ginger, Earl-Gray tea, cinnamon, orange blossom

The story: the first crunchy chocolate in history created by Sulpice DEBAUVE for Queen Marie-Antoinette! It is said that it was the queen herself who found her name when she saw their resemblance to the golden shield of the Pyrenees, the pistole. Chocolate iconic connoisseurs, the Pistole of Marie-Antoinette is a concentrate of flavors and benefits that are declined with almond milk (softening and calming), vanilla (digestive and stimulating), cinnamon (curative and aphrodisiac) (antispasmodic), Earl Gray tea (stimulating and refreshing), sugar-free (for diabetics), cream of orgeat (roorative), coffee (stimulant).

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